Animation Production
Coyote's Place | 2018-2019

Coyote's Place is a 3D animated TV series directed by Tom Bertino and Lysandra Silber. It features Coyote and Raven reprising their roles at the station in the bumpers of every episode, while the worlds and characters of the tales will change based on where each tale originates and who tells it.  

Poster designed by Lysandra Silber

Coyote's Place Trailer
Coyote's Place Trailer

Nathalie developed production plan and schedule, created assets and shots in Shotgun and updated project bible.

She conducted animation and CG assets dailies reviews and meetings.

Organized and maintained routines are her daily jobs. She also helped communicate with directors, supervisors, and artists.

She also arranged the animation workshops, recruited talent and improved production management.​​